Over Grown Microgreens!

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Don't Miss Out! Uncover Delicious Deals with JJ's Farm's Overgrown Section

Craving a burst of fresh flavor without breaking the bank? Look no further than JJ's Farm's Overgrown Section, your weekly portal to microgreen delights! Here's where some of our microgreens enthusiastically surpass their expected growth, exceeding what we need for standard deliveries.

Think of it as a treasure chest overflowing with microgreen bounty! Each week unveils a unique selection of varieties, offering an exciting opportunity to discover hidden gems - perhaps a new flavor you'll fall in love with, or a chance to stock up on your current favorites at incredible savings.

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved. You get to relish delicious, fresh microgreens at a fraction of the usual price, while we get to reduce food waste and share our passion for microgreens with the local community.

So, embark on a delicious adventure of flavor exploration with our Overgrown Section! Remember, these deals are limited and change weekly, so don't wait - grab your surprise greens before they disappear!